Shifting Somewhere!!

Shifting to a new place is a very time consuming and a headache giving process for a new person but not for a moving company. But, not every moving company is an experienced one and also if it is then it might not be a professional one. Even if you find these qualities in any removalists, there are the chances that you were not getting your pocket-friendly service. We are not saying you to stop looking for the cheapest removalists in Melbourne but also look for the above-discussed qualities in that moving company.

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In search of the cheapest removalists in Melbourne Aumovers are the best and cheaper than other removalists out there. On this note some thoughts like “Why Aumovers are cheaper than others?” or “How can we believe this?” should have hit your mind. These thoughts are obvious to come in mind of a genuine customer and as you read further, you’ll get all your answers.


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Why Aumovers are Called the Cheapest Removalists in Melbourne-

Our Own Trucks

No businessman pays from his/her pocket. So, if you hire removalists who are not having their own trucks and are bound to pay rent or anything like this then they won’t pay it from their own pocket instead they’d charge some extra amount in any way to you. But, having our own trucks is one of the reasons which make us the cheapest removalists in Melbourne.

Direct Dealings

Today, the market is filled with the commission agents more than the real businessmen. This is also the same with removalists industry. Due to the influence of these commission agents, the cost of relocation gets high for the customers.  That means, everyone is earning dollars but for the sake of their profits, you have to suffer these increased costs. But Aumovers are not like others because we are neither a commission agent nor we involve any commission agents in our business. We do direct dealings with our customers and these dealings give us two benefits and these are-

  • Aumovers earn a relation with you more than your dollars
  • Aumovers become the “Cheapest removalists in Melbourne

No Hidden Charges

Most of the moving companies in Melbourne rogues on their customers by hiding charges while doing their relocation job. This “hidden charges” strategy makes them pretend as the cheapest removalists in Melbourne. But we are not like them; everything is made crystal clear to our precious customers. In this, we also earn our customers trust.

Extra Safety without an Extra Cost!!

Aumovers understand that your all stuff is precious to you. That’s the reason why we provide some extra safety to your stuff by providing blankets covering your stuff to make your move safe. More than that we also provide ropes to tie your stuff and also provide many more to make your move safe. All this extra safety is provided at no extra cost making us the cheapest removalists in Melbourne.

This is Our Family Business!!

This point will make you feel a little bit confused thinking how it affects your relocation cost. Actually, Aumovers have more family members involved in the business than other moving companies have. Due to this, we can suffer less profit but no customer loss. So in the race of becoming the cheapest removalists in Melbourne we have kept our service rates lower than all other moving companies out there.

Some Special Offers!!

Aumovers are always carrying out offers from time to time. Sometimes we offer some good combo packs to our customers or some special deals or discounts at some special events like “Christmas”. On such occasions, we often provide even any size truck at the same cost.  If you are willing to move some special event then give us a call to know the best offers. We know that these are not all time offers but still these are worth mention here to provide some extra values to you along within our claim of being the cheapest removalists in Melbourne.

Our Best Price

Normally, Aumovers provide a wide variety of relocation cost but still, we have the best price for our customers worth mentioning here. This best price is just $60/h (Terms & Conditions Applied) with one professional mover.

Cheapest Removalists in Melbourne

Final Words

Somebody has said-“Professionals are not always expensive”. Till now you’d have understood that this saying is actually true in our case.

Cheapest Removalists in Melbourne

You know what we are not only the cheapest removalists in Melbourne; we are also the best removalists in Melbourne. We are not bragging it; our happy customers say this to us. So just give us a call whenever you need our service and we’ll be at your doorstep.