AU Movers supports companies in their professional move. For the transfer of your offices, our movers are at your disposal at each step of the move.

We prepare with you an intervention schedule that we undertake to respect carefully.

A moving estimate will be drawn up to evaluate the technical means necessary for the smooth running of operations.

Located in Australia, we operate in the Australian region but also throughout Australia, as well as in other countries.

Company relocation

Moving a business is not easy. Our team of competent and experienced movers makes the move of your company with a lot of attention.

Indeed, depending on the size of the company, the professional move may require several months of preparation.

We are at your disposal for the entire organization of your move with fixed deadlines. We establish with you a precise specification that we respect to the letter.

Our goal: a quick and efficient move without hindering the productivity of your business.

Office transfer

Whether it is an external transfer, on another site, or an internal transfer, we carry out the transfer of your offices by securely transporting your professional effects.

Our know-how allows us to better organize your transfer while managing the technical constraints such as the removal of computer equipment (disconnection, disassembly, reassembly, etc.).

We have furniture lift for moving your heavy equipment.

Avoid management problems by entrusting us with the transfer of your offices!

Relocation of archives

Archives being essential documents for your company, we make their move with the greatest care. We take care of classifying and indexing all your archives to ensure a mode of secure and confidential transport.

We offer our storage service to store all your archives in a secure box.