Moving of pianos

A piano transport without false notes

Since the piano is a heavy and fragile instrument, it is difficult to transport. Our team of movers has all the technical skills to handle it.

We move and transport all makes and models of pianos.


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Moving insurance

When moving, it is important to protect your property in the event of damage. AU Movers offers a basic moving insurance and advises you on the various possibilities to ensure the best your effects.

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Additional services

that may interest you

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Furniture guard

Have your furniture stored

Looking for a place to store your belongings? The storage cabinet is the storage solution you need.

We provide you with secure storage boxes for a long or short term.


Rental of furniture lifts

We assemble your furniture whatever the height

Are you moving to the 10th floor of a building? Your piano does not go through the doors and does not enter an elevator? Rent a lift with AU Movers.

Renting a furniture lift will help you avoid fatigue, loss of time and the risk of damage to your belongings.